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Report on the 11th OWOH Research Meeting

The 11th OWOH Research Meeting was held on February 9th with the cooperation of Nitta Gelatin Co., Ltd. The meeting took place at the “Mirai Hall” located within the premises of Nitta Gelatin’s Osaka factory. We had the opportunity to tour the Nitta Gelatin factory and learn about the gelatin manufacturing process, thanks to their generosity. Following the tour, Mr. Sugimoto and Mr. Kotani from Nitta Gelatin Co., Ltd. delivered comprehensive lectures on gelatin, covering topics from fundamentals to applications. We learned about the extensive applications of gelatin, originally recognized as a food ingredient, extending into pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, Mr. Koga from Pharmafoods Co., Ltd. gave a presentation on various applications of biomasses, ranging from fiber development from eggshell membranes to fuel cell materials and even the development of plant growth promoters. This provided us with a multifaceted perspective on the future of biomasses.

The meeting was attended by nearly 30 participants from industry, government, and academia, and there were diverse questions on topics ranging from specialized fields to the process of research and development leading to innovation.

Subsequently, during the exchange of opinions, there was lively discussion with abundant knowledge-sharing typical of interdisciplinary research meetings. Participants also enjoyed healthy milk and ice cream provided by Rakuno Gakuen University as part of efforts to promote milk consumption.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants and parties involved for their valuable contributions




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