One World One Health|食・医療・環境の安全・安心

Establishment and intention

“One World One Health” concept is an integrated approach to address health concerns of human, animal, and environment. In 2004, north America Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)has upheld ”One World One Health” as a title of their international conference. There are some other slogan such as ” “One Medicine, One Health”, “One Health initiative”, and etc. to share the same concept of interdisciplinary approach to promote health quality of human, animal including livestock, and environmental sciences in a crossover manner.

The safe and secure food, medicine, and environment are essential elements in order to maintain decent human health; therefore, activities based on the “One World One Health” concept is important. This research forum was started in January 2015 to establish basis to promote education, research, and social activities through information exchange among people who have interests with “One World One Health” concept in both industry and academia.

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