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7th OWOH meeting【COVID-19 seminar 】

Purpose: With the spread of SARS-CoV-2 infections in China all over the world, COVID-19 altered the social life of people within a few months. The origin of this pathogen is animals such as bats. The deeper the contact between humans and wild animals, the more serious this new infectious disease becomes (emerging infectious disease). Measures against this problem are based on accurate information. The One Health Research Forum has learned about various infectious diseases with the aim of sharing problems and studying countermeasures across different fields. This is the 7th time this year. This time, in order to share information about COVID-19, a lecture by an expert will be held under the theme of “COVID-19 current situation and countermeasures”. In light of the social situation, the lecture will be compatible with online platforms, and we would like to share the latest information and countermeasures for this virus.

Theme: COVID-19 Current Status and Countermeasures
Date and time: Saturday, August 8, 2020
Sponsor: One World One Health Research Forum
Co-sponsor: Rakuno Gakuen University
Place: RGU Student Hall, Ebetsu, Hokkaido.




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